An Ode To The Mask I Wore, By Kabbo Ferdinand

An Ode To The Mask I Wore, By Kabbo Ferdinand

if ever there was a time

in his/tory for god to arrive

i beg, i grovel, i cry
surely it must be now


i implore you, please!

tell me her/story,

i think to myself,

that of the liberated being; not yet known


ye all gods, know ye not?

a thought lives in my heart,

in wonderment i look on at our state,

wombman;me & U?


a voice says: ‘starve the tool maker,

let ’em salivate after

a taste of consumer’s bliss &

Wa LAH!!!(C’est la vie!)


a whimpering lament

of a devolving specie

never warns of its extinction, competition

ensures the weak of its place


hopelessness found on youth

in bristol is a carbon copy of that found

on youth of cape town,

via cultural malignant tendencies


our purpose, deferred toward

a reductionist’s utopian dream;

Alas! a means to an end

within measures of hope


may the seeker thus be of

A questioning type- cast

light into dark, for a seed sprouts with

the promise of shade


dust & water dances

to the tune of gravity,

each to its own groove, faithfully

like the phases of the moon


if she were to appear,

i would rally her to the plight of the wretched,

for the privileged seem

to enjoy his favour, now


as the veil thins’,

my masks seem to grow more

unfit for purpose, at her beck & call,

evolution’s quasi philanderer


she though cautions balance,

patience, ambivalence;

for she embraces benevolence &

malevolence without favour


she visits me, in my dreams at night,

always uttering, urging me on,

take off the mask! it’s time,

time to evolve


Finally, I see, I feel, I hear,

now! I sense, I yearn, I know!

our Earth, she has answers;

ever tolerant of our baneful ways


unhinged, the mask slips off

smiling, he stare’s back at me

& says: “now before i hit the floor & break,

repeat after me


I Am Universal Harmony!

I Am Universal Balance!

I Am Universal Life!

I Am Universal Love!



I Am That I Am!!!


evolutionary words, it shatters,

i swoop to scoop it up,

you’ve served me well,

manna for the uncultured self


now every time life asks me,

i utter this phrase,

trusting that life is exactly how it is,

in the end, U & me, we’ll be fine!


Yes, in deeds, our time is ripe,

our generation’s chance to blossom &

honour our potential, honour our women,

our children, honour ourselves


time to mourn, forgive, heal, evolve,

restore our species &

our living equilibrium on Earth &

thus in all of the heavens


Standing Rock! We honour you.

You are not alone,

we send forth goodwill & energy.

Standing Rock Protectors, we salute you


with this desire i wrote this ode,

evoking a stream of emotion

that burns through doubt,

U am enough, 1 love