June 9, 2017

Vocalise are looking for noticeboard volunteers

Vocalise is looking for volunteers to help us update and maintain the community noticeboards in Ashley ward. Community noticeboards form an important communication mechanism for residents and can also boost the appearance of an area. These noticeboards are a great way of keeping the community engaged and informed, and your contribution can really make a difference. If you do have some free time, please do get involved in this initiative.

Community Journalism Workshops run by Vocalise

Would you like to know more about journalism? From October 2017, Vocalise will be running a series of community journalism workshops for local residents. The workshops will be delivered in partnership with the Bristol Cable, Open Democracy Foundation and People’s Voice Media. Participants will learn how to interview people, do reporting, use modern journalism tools, and cover a range of issues. At the end, we aim to host a network