Help decide the future of the Malcolm X Centre

Help decide the future of the Malcolm X Centre

The Malcolm X Centre has been, and continues to be, a focal point for the black communities of Bristol, in particular the Black African-Caribbean community. They were the catalyst for the rise of the Centre, following the St. Paul’s riots in 1980. This resulted in the iconic centre, named after the legendary race-activist Malcolm X.

Since the birth of the Centre, it has over the years served not only the African-Caribbean community but all the communities living in and around St. Pauls, Montpelier, St. Agnes, and wider Bristol. The Malcolm X Centre has always served all the communities regardless of their age, disability, gender, sexuality, race, religion or belief.

The Centre would like to announce that our Annual General Meeting will take place on the 12th June 2017 at 6pm at the Malcolm X Centre. We would like to invite all those interested in the future of the Centre, and have skills to offer in the areas of finance, human resources and fundraising, to join as a member where you can be nominated to serve on the Board of Directors for the Centre. There are also volunteering opportunities to cover all aspects of the running of the Centre.

Following on from the recent challenges faced by the Centre, the next twelve months will be crucial for our future development, and will lead to the securing of a long-term Lease from Bristol City Council. We have only been able to face this adversity due to the stoical nature of our membership.

I would encourage everyone to take an interest in the viability of the Centre, thus ensuring the Centre’s long-term sustainability.

“Remember, the Centre is for all of us.”

Joan Field-Thorne, Chair of the Malcolm X Centre