Artivist in a Strawbox with //Kabbo Ferdinand

Artivist in a Strawbox with //Kabbo Ferdinand

Urban Word Collective Presents: “Artivist in a StrawBoX: Interactive Public Exhibition” a collaborative multi disciplinary arts & portable housing showcase event hosted by the Bristol City Council in the Bristol Harbour Amphitheatre, 19th Oct. – 4th Nov. 2018, in collaboration with White Design ldt.

“Artivist in a StrawBox” is the brainchild of Kabbo Hue, artivist Storyteller from Hui !Goab (South Afrika) from theGoringhaíçona Indigenous Clanof Camissa ( Cape Town). Kabbo is a ceremonial drummer, Angolero capoeirista, poet, writer, well being practitioner, investigative journalist, events organiser, compiler & Cultural Ambassador based at Hamilton House.

His intention with is projects is to revive & explore the relevance of culture within the cultural metropolis that is Bristol. Trusting that arts & culture can impact upon the psyche of individuals, communities & generations in an evolutionary manner that is of benefit to individuals, communities & thus society as a whole.

Kabbo will be engaging artists & the public in different types of theatre, drama, yoga, creative writing, breathing and performances techniques, expressions & showcase performances. Each artist will be encouraged to develop and express themselves in which ever way they see fit, whilst living in the box & can allow the public & invited artists to participate in activities that resident artists have developed for this purpose.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please contact Ferdinand Kabbo Van Tura for more info.