Book Review: Kurious

Book Review: Kurious

Kurious by Elizabeth Lumley-Smith
Review by Chris Myers (St Pauls)

Kurios is an illustrated children’s story by a local author that whisks you away to a quaint, magical adventure made all the more brilliant by the illustrations. Kurios – a strange catlike creature – wakes up in a shrunken forest (well, it is actually him that has become giant.) He comes across another peculiar creature, much smaller in size. Together they try to find a way for Kurious to get back home. The book reads well and is great for younger children.

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Kurious is published by Arkbound, a social enterprise publisher that produces books and magazines. Our reach is international, with branch offices across the world, but they started in Bristol (UK) and that remains their main base to this day.

“Whether you are an aspiring author, someone wanting to get into the industry, or just looking to buy a quality book – we welcome you.”

Working alongside the Arkbound Foundation charity, Arkbound seeks to support and publish writers from a range of backgrounds – including those who would face disadvantages in getting published. As well as being a UK book publisher, Arkbound also provides training and start-up opportunities for people to create their own publishing enterprises.