Book Review: Lyrically Justified (Vol 2)

Book Review: Lyrically Justified (Vol 2)

Lyrically Justified (Vol 2) by Urban Word Collective
Review by Ben Fielders (Montpelier)

With contributions from several St Pauls-based poets, this poetry anthology is genuinely thought provoking and inspirational. There are 42 poets in total, who build upon the budding talent that was featured in the first volume of this book (same title).

Many of the poets touch upon difficult issues and are unafraid to be controversial and provocative. They write from experience, which makes the poetry all the more powerful, yet address everyone in society. It is rare to find a book that can seamlessly encompasses issues on social injustice, racial inequalities and the impacts of climate change, but this one does it. Lyrically Justified (Vol II) is a book that our community should be proud of and one the nation – if not the world – can learn from, too.

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