Bristol Pound Champions – could you be one?

Bristol Pound Champions - could you be one?

Bristol Pound has launched a new Champions programme, inviting people from all around the city to get involved and be a part of its future. The complementary currency is the largest in the UK and one of the largest in Europe, offering an alternative to sterling with beautiful paper notes and smartphone app payments accepted by a network of independent local businesses.

The Champions programme aims to train and support 50 Community Champions volunteers over the next three years and creates an opportunity for businesses to make a commitment to the independent future of Bristol via innovative engagement and funding initiatives.

The £B Champions programme has three strands:
Community champions – volunteers working in their local neighbourhoods across Bristol to raise awareness of the Bristol Pound and grow the scheme.
Business champions – businesses who are leading the way in their engagement with the Bristol Pound, and who are committed to helping other Bristol businesses adopt the currency.
Funding champions – people who want to support the Bristol Pound philanthropically, helping develop the scheme in the short term so it can fund itself through trading in the longer term.

As Watershed Director Dick Penny said recently of £B, “The point of an alternative isn’t necessarily so it becomes dominant, it’s so it can be independent and equal. A broad range of voices makes the world richer.”

Bristol Pound wants to hear your voice. If you’re interested in becoming a Community, Business or Funding Champion, read more here and get in touch: