Bristol Pound Design Competition 2018

Bristol Pound Design Competition 2018

Competion opens 22nd January and closes 22nd February

Five years on from the launch of the Bristol pound, the UK’s first city-wide currency, we’re getting ready to redesign our paper Bristol Pounds once again. To do this we’re inviting anyone who lives, works or learns in Bristol to submit designs and images for the third edition of Bristol’s money, which will be released in June 2018.

There have been two editions of the Bristol Pound so far, and we are always amazed at the quality of entries and the designs that Bristol produces. The eight images from our four notes are now famous and are found all over the city in tills, pockets and purses – as there is over £B100,000 in circulation. They have also gone further afield; they are a much sought-after tourist souvenir and have been seen on TV and in the press (as well as various museums around the world including the M Shed and the British Museum). Two of our previous winners have kicked off professional careers on the back of winning. Even the Queen has been presented with our money!

So whether you’re at school, a student, a professional or an enthusiastic amateur, your design or illustration could be featured on a paper Bristol Pound and you could become a little bit of Bristol’s history.

Who can enter?

Entries are open to anyone who lives, learns or works within the BS postcode area. The competition will run for a month, starting from  22nd January 2018 and closing at 5.30pm 22nd February 2018. All entries should be sent to Bristol Pound office by email or post (details below).

Work with children?

Download our template and have them do their own designs and enter the compeition. Traditionally, we keep one side of one of the notes for a child’s design. It’s a great idea for an art lesson! You can tell them about local currencies, then let them design their own.

Download the note template here

Design Themes

Whether you live North or South of the river, support City or Rovers or work in Filton, Avonmouth or the city centre, you will know that Bristol has a heritage and a character all of its own. Four themes will feature on the Bristol Pound paper pounds:

Art and Culture – Renowned for its music, visual and performing arts, festivals and even its graffiti, Bristol has a well-earned reputation for homegrown talent and a welcoming and enthusiastic audience.

Rebellion and protest movements – Bristol has a fiercely independent spirit, and a long history of doing things its own way. We’ve pushed back and won; We even have our own money! Let’s celebrate this.

Wildlife & nature – Bristol has fantastic green spaces, abundant urban wildlife, interesting schemes to reduce pollution and waste and a real appreciation of our environment. What image would capture these qualities?

Maritime Heritage – Bristol is built around its docks and has always looked towards the sea for trade and friendship. From John Cabot discovering North America, to the horrors of the slave trade, to Brunel’s SS Great Britain, the sinews of the City are tied up with the sea. Help us find an image to reflect this.

How to enter

  • You can enter as an individual (of any age), a class, team, school, college or company.
  • You can enter any sort of image, design or illustration and it can be created in any medium, whether it’s pen, ink, pencils, paint, computer graphics, photography or even collage.
  • You can enter the same design for more than one theme, or perhaps even a design for each theme. You are welcome to enter more than once.


  • Make the design at least 14cm high and 19cm wide
  • Send your original artwork or in a digital format (see below for more technical information)
  • Make your design two dimensional (flat)
  • Use full colour (but we may end up using it in a single colour)


  • Submit other people’s work or designs that include images which might be subject to copyright or other legal protection – we will ask you to sign an agreement confirming your submission is your own work if your image is chosen.
  • Submit photographic designs that feature real people who haven’t given their written consent to be feature on the Bristol Pound

To enter your designs

You can submit your entries by email from 22 January 2018 to or by post to:
The Bristol Pound, Room 111, The Corn Exchange, Corn Street, Bristol BS1 1JQ
Please include the following on the back of your entry or in your email:

Which theme the design applies to

  1. Contact name
  2. School/college/company (if applicable)
  3. Address
  4. Contact phone number
  5. Contact email address
  6. A few words about your design and why you created it

The closing date for receipt of entries is 5.30pm on Thursday 22nd February 2018.


All the entries will be judged by a panel of Bristol Pound members, Bristol-based artists, designers and community leaders. Judging will take place at an event on Friday 2nd March and winners will be notified on 9th March, 2018. One of the images may be chosen more broadly by a public vote.


No entries can be accepted after the closing date (5.30 pm on 22 February 2018). All entries will become the sole property of the Bristol Pound. Your design may be altered or manipulated to fit the paper pounds if it wins. We would like to show everyone what great designs are being entered, so all or any entries may be featured in newspapers, magazines, on websites or TV. The winning designs will be credited on the paper pounds but if you wish to enter anonymously, please state ANONYMOUS on the back of your entry. The media might want to talk to entrants and winners about their designs, but this isn’t a condition of entry. If you would rather not be contacted by the media, please state NO MEDIA when you enter. The Directors reserve the right to take the final decision regarding design selection and to change the final selection for technical reasons. They also reserve the right to commission additional images to be used on the notes, although the majority will be chosen via the design competition. No correspondence will be entered into regarding the final decision. Entry into the competition assumes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Technical Information

The following information is for designers and other professionals who have an interest in the in-depth technical details: • The actual size of the designs on the notes is 85mm by 65mm, but please submit larger than this. • Notes may have different sizes for different denominations for this edition, so actual size of design may vary marginally between denominations. However, the ratio will remain similar • Please submit with a resolution of at least 300dpi. • We can accept any common file format, including JPG, TIFF, PDF, EPS, or various adobe file formats. Please check if you are unsure. • Designs are printed in full CYMK colour (although we may alter colours for technical reasons). • You also have the option of using one extra fluorescent Pantone colour on different denominations. £B1 is green – use Pantone 802; £B5 is pink – use Pantone 806; £B10 is orange – use Pantone 811; £B20 is blue, use Pantone 801. We may switch these to process colour if necessary.