Local Business Directory

We run a business directory for Ashley Ward, which connects residents to local businesses.

If you are a business in Ashley Ward (St Pauls, Montpelier, St Werburghs) or close by, we can list you on the directory for free. All you have to do is give our members a 10% discount off your products or services (it can be more than 10% if you want!). In return we will list your business on this website and, space permitting, in Vocalise magazine itself.

The idea of this scheme is to encourage people to ‘shop local’, whilst also supporting the magazine and giving additional value to membership. So far the Membership Directory has seen a surge in income for many of our member businesses, who are also establishing closer connections with people who live closest to them. It is also having environmental benefits, by encouraging people not to drive long distances when shopping and instead to get out and walk.

If you would like to be listed in the directory, please contact us.


True Soldier
True Soldier

Driven by the same energy that generated many of Bristol's sub-cultural movements, True SoldierĀ® was started out of a desire to create clothing that reflected the mix of culture and arts of the Hip Hop culture.

True Soldier won 'Best Fashion Brand' Award at the Mogul Minded Group Regional Awards on April 2016.

20 Hepburn Road, Bristol
Kecks Clothing
Kecks Clothing

Upcycled clothing for women & men. Workshops, consultancy, commissions. Re-use it, re-use it, re-use it again!