Local Business Directory

We run a business directory for Ashley Ward, which connects residents to local businesses.

If you are a business in Ashley Ward (St Pauls, Montpelier, St Werburghs) or close by, we can list you on the directory for free. All you have to do is give our members a 10% discount (it can be more than 10% if you want!).

The idea of this scheme is to encourage people to ‘shop local’, whilst also supporting the magazine. It is a fantastic opportunity to boost local income, establish closer connections with the people nearest to your business and encourage people to shop within their community.

Please contact us if you would like your business included in the directory!


Youth and Mentoring


MeMaps take a creative approach developing aspirations, talent and skills.  MeMaps Courses can help learners to develop their personal portfolios.  MeMaps portfolios can be used to: capture interests and aspirations, track goals, review learning and share evidence of  skills, experiences and  journeys. By plugging into the Me Maps Network – using social and community media spaces, learners can link to Opportunities, Resources and Support.

MeMaps are proud to support Vocalise and offer a 10% discount on their services to all members.

Unique Voice
Unique Voice

Unique Voice is a Community Interest Company using drama and the arts as a medium to make a positive social impact. We do this by creating initiatives that enable people to learn, develop and grow in all aspects of their educational and emotional development whether that is through classroom based learning or community campaigns.

01172 391 216
Unique Voice CIC
20 Montpelier Court
Station Road