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Community Journalism Workshops

Would you like to know more about journalism? From September 2017, Vocalise will be running a series of community journalism workshops for local residents. The workshops will be delivered in partnership with the Bristol Cable and Open Democracy Foundation. Participants will learn how to interview people, do reporting, use modern journalism tools, and cover a range of issues. At the end, we aim to host a network of community journalists

Community Diamonds

Vocalise is currently searching for community diamonds – people who are able to spend some of their free time helping with community events, searching out amazing stories, building partnerships, and engaging with residents. Are you a diamond? Please get in touch!

Vocalise Drop-in Sessions

Vocalise now holds regular drop-in sessions for people with ideas for content, queries, or general information. The sessions are held on the Second Saturday of each month in the St Pauls Learning Centre cafe from 11am-1pm. Look out for the person wearing a Vocalise t-shirt and notebook!

The Ashley Network - let's make things happen!

The Ashley Network is about coming together and making things happen. It is a valuable bi-monthly event for residents, emerging from the legacy of Imagine St Pauls. The aim is of the Network is primarily to facilitate spontaneous connections and conversations between groups and individuals. There is no specific agenda. Each week, it is hosted by a different group or organisation, who may also provide the venue or alternatively work with

Vocalise are looking for noticeboard volunteers

Vocalise is looking for volunteers to help us update and maintain the community noticeboards in Ashley ward. Community noticeboards form an important communication mechanism for residents and can also boost the appearance of an area. These noticeboards are a great way of keeping the community engaged and informed, and your contribution can really make a difference. If you do have some free time, please do get involved in this initiative.

Join the Ashley Community Meeting

On 21st June, the first Ashley Community Meeting will be held at St Pauls Learning Centre, from 6.30 – 8.30 pm. This event is a wonderful opportunity to engage and connect with your local community. The meeting aims to bring together all the different conversations, contacts, events, services and issues within the areas of St Pauls, St Werburghs, Montpelier and St Andrews, which together form the Ward of Ashley. It

Help Vocalise support Ashley Ward through our Crowdfunder!

We are raising money for Vocalise and our community projects. Get involved – we need your help! Please donate even just a pound, as it will all help us! If we get 40 backers, we will be able to access a match-funding pot from Bristol Green Capital. We think the campaign is really good, and your support will enable it to happen. Amongst the projects are a tree planting initiative

Calling all artists in Bristol – The DA Network needs you!

A Diverse Artist Network Agency has now been established in Bristol. The focus will primarily be on the wellbeing of artists. The network aims to connect and engage collaboration between artists of the city. Bristol is renowned as an eclectic, culturally diverse and musical city, full of artistic talent from all walks of life. Officially, 92 languages are spoken in Bristol – a huge amount. This is apt, as Bristol

Help decide the future of the Malcolm X Centre

The Malcolm X Centre has been, and continues to be, a focal point for the black communities of Bristol, in particular the Black African-Caribbean community. They were the catalyst for the rise of the Centre, following the St. Paul’s riots in 1980. This resulted in the iconic centre, named after the legendary race-activist Malcolm X. Since the birth of the Centre, it has over the years served not only the

St George's leads search for Parishioners of the past

St George’s Bristol, now one of Bristol’s forefront concert halls, has an interesting past. The venue on Great George Street was a church for over 160 years. It originally served as a ‘Chapel of Ease’ to the nearby, and long-since demolished, St Augustine-the-Less, but eventually became a parish church in its own right. This year, St George’s embarks on a new chapter in its story – foundations are already laid