Vocalise Survey

Hi All, We’re conducting a survey about the magazine and its impact on the community. We have linked the survey for you to complete. We appreciate your time in filling it out and the data will mean we can improve Vocalise!

Vocalise Community Fund

Vocalise Bristol CIC have a total of £2000 available to the community of Montpelier, St Pauls and St Werburghs to support their community projects over 2018 – 2019. We can support you with the costs for materials, tools and space hire. We will be running project planning workshops to help people bring their project ideas to life! We have grants of up to £500 to 1 or 2 community projects every 3

Events and Initiatives

As a community organisation, Vocalise Bristol runs events and initiatives in response to the needs and wishes of the local community. Examples of these include:- Community journalism workshops (partnered with other media organisations), which get people into journalism and provides a way for them to directly contribute to Vocalise magazine. Providing small grants to local community initiatives (funded by way of our Bristol Impact Fund grant). Organising regular ‘pop in’

Litter Picking and Tree Planting

Vocalise Bristol have secured funding to run litter picking projects and tree planting projects. We are excited about joining together different communities within Ashley Ward to take care of our surroundings.

Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

We work with the University of Bristol and the University of West of England to provide a paid internship scheme and volunteer placements for recent graduates within the Vocalise Bristol offices. Internships can be shaped according to the skills of the intern, we provide opportunities to develop writing and journalism skills, social media and online marketing skills, graphic design and photography skills as well as project coordination and community engagement

Local Business Directory and Membership Scheme

Vocalise Bristol runs a local business directory and membership initiative. The local business directory is free to join for local businesses and organisations, we will share their businesses information online, in return they offer 10% discount to Vocalise Members. Vocalise Members will have pledged £6 pound a year to support the magazine, the membership scheme will enable the magazine to be sustainable in the long term. Both these projects encourage

Vocalise Magazine

Vocalise magazine is printed quarterly and goes to all residents and businesses in St Pauls, Montpelier and St Werburghs. The magazine features information on upcoming events, local initiatives, community reporting, and lots more. We celebrate the creativity and diversity of the area and welcome contributions from all residents. Vocalise magazine contains adverts and sponsored pages from local businesses and organisations, if you would like to advertise in the magazine please

Community Noticeboards

Vocalise Bristol manages the community noticeboards in Ashley Ward, of which there are 24. Management of the boards is comparatively new and work needs to be done to ensure that the boards are regularly updated, maintained and refurbished. We have funding set aside to run a project to redecorate the boards so they are more easily identified as a community asset. We are currently seeking volunteers to assist with updating

Vocalise Journalism Workshops

Between October-December 2017, Vocalise ran 7 journalism workshops for people living in Ashley Ward to get involved with journalism outlets across Bristol. The workshops were supported by the Bristol Cable, Rife Magazine, meMaps, Full Circle, Open Democracy Foundation and independent journalists – with funding from Quartet Community Foundation and the Bristol Impact Fund. Everything from writing techniques to effectively using YouTube was covered in the workshops, giving participants a broad