Free flu jabs for carers

Free flu jabs for carers

As we move into Autumn, local charity Carers Support Centre are keen to remind unpaid carers that they are entitled to a free flu jab. 

It is an unpredictable virus that can cause mild or unpleasant illness in most people. However, it can cause severe illness and even death among vulnerable groups. 

“The seasonal flu vaccine is the best way to protect yourself and the person you care for from the influenza virus,” explains Ann Tolaini, GP Carers Liaison Manager at Carers Support Centre. 

If you are looking after someone with an illness or disability, you may be concerned about how being ill will affect you and the person you care for. If you are the main carer for an elderly or disabled person who may be put at risk if you fall ill, you should be offered a free flu jab. 

Other categories of people also eligible for a free flu jab include those aged over 65, those who are pregnant, and those with certain health conditions. 

To arrange for a free jab, just ask your GP practice or pharmacy.    

If you are a carer and want more information about the free flu jab, contact CarersLine on 0117 965 2200 or email