Inner Word – Too Dream, By Kabbo Ferdinand

Inner Word – Too Dream, By Kabbo Ferdinand

in the word of a seeker

on talking, speaking & attempting to evoke
a sense of being-belonging
in words expressed as emotion, feeling, thought
i do attest to the wisdom that knowledge
is utilised as a mean that whispers
fear of scarcity to the logic of a ego
it’s only purpose could be to remind
me that of which i’m not?

so as to remember,

i am that i am
is as is

life is quite a beautiful mess
all of our own doing
an evolutionary-d’evolutionary state
of balance of which i am
partaking in today, complicit in the act
of living in a city context
tiptoe-ing on the fringes of industry
inside the gut-wrenching belly of the beast
moments of waking following moments in dreams
sometimes i walk with dignity, other times cowering
making my way (Beseeching u/U/you…)
scared by loneliness, fear, doubt, good natured humans,
the earth, wrong thought, untruth, ego, ideology of the personality,
science, industry, colonial imperialism, genocide, warfare, banking,
eating, sharing, knowing, procrastination, enslavement, ill will i imposed on others,
democracy, chemicals, porn & attempts at liberation…

i still lick my wounds everyday

acknowledging their presence

beyond pride, i revere ’em
sometimes i want to invite more plight
into my life, for the other side is so sour & sweet
on those days i acknowledge
i done my time,
acknowledging is healing’s groom
( i catch will catch u/U/you & hold out)
there’s enough goin’ a bound
so i evoke in every breath
our sense(s) of belonging
we am more a like than different
every being whom lay eyes on this
will see it in the same *way
may u/U/you be love

despite the trauma
they could not make me
Or u forget how to love, dance or cry, oblivion
can’t keep U from me
for in reaching we find

my dearest soul’s friend
be healing, knowing, dreaming
be whole, belong, give thanks
get involved, be ease, invoke your chi, be of 1 mind, heart & soul
be you

for if i ever were to speak, talk, whisper with
know that when & whatever we share
these am my intentions & desires
to u…

ever living, ever present, ever healing, evolution

may this vibrance of the super full moon guide you
through portals in time
may you shed that which no longer serve, healing is our destiny, 1 Love…

healing wounded healer