Have a laugh with Wise Cracks

Have a laugh with Wise Cracks

Get involved in your local area, with Wise Cracks

Meet local people over the age of 50 with our humorous monthly or weekly meeting. Come along and have a good laugh with Wise Cracks. The activity is aimed at engaging older people with humour. Look back at the good old days and enjoy like-minded company. Leave with a Wise Crack universal joke that you can tell your family and friends.

Wise Cracks can support your emotional well-being by adding humour to your day.

Walking Good

A wise old man celebrating his 100th birthday got a visit from a local television reporter at the nursing home to interview him.

“Are you able to get out and walk much?” the reporter asked “Well, I certainly walk better today than I could a hundred years ago.”

There is even the possibility that Wise Cracks could even develop into laughter yoga. Get involved to find out more.

If you have any interest in any of the activities or if you have your own suggestions for activities please contact me on the details below.

Alternatively I am happy to meet in person at St. Paul’s Learning and Family Centre at Glens Café or I can even come to you if that is preferable. Refreshments are on me.

Judith Davies
Tel: 01934526378
Mob: 07921307038
Email: Judith.davis@knightstone.co.uk.

There are plenty of activities which you can get involved in. Speak to Judith Davies if any of the below sound interesting and you would like to get involved.

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