Micro:bits in Bristol Libraries

Micro:bits in Bristol Libraries

Bristol Libraries have been given 270 pocket-sized computers to loan out, courtesy of the Micro:bit foundation.

The Micro:bit gives users the chance to learn simple coding and programming. This can lead to all sorts of practical applications from games to robots to musical instruments and everything in between!

Kate Murray, Head of Libraries said:

“It is very exciting to have Micro:bits available at our libraries for people to use. We are very grateful for the donation.

“Our libraries already run several coding and digital making sessions for children. By loaning out the micro:bit the creativity can continue at home. It’s widely recognised that coding and digital skills will be important for many careers in the future and we’re pleased to be launching this exciting initiative.”

“The micro:bits mean all Bristol children have free access to learn how to code, create and have fun, improving their digital skills for the future.”

Bristol Libraries is helping to inspire the next generation of computer programmers, with free-to-borrow micro:bits.

300 micro:bits have been donated by the Micro:bit Educational Foundation and will be available at libraries across the city from March. Starter kits can be borrowed for up to three weeks and have instructions to get you started.

The micro:bit is easy to pick up and use and can be programmed using a variety of free coding websites on a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Although it’s small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, it has a screen and sensors and can be used for all sorts of creations, from robots to musical instruments. The possibilities are endless.