Montpelier Station has a fantastic new mural!

Montpelier Station has a fantastic new mural!

An amazing new mural project at Montpelier Station has been revealed. The mural was designed by renowned local street artist Silent Hobo, who had a helping hand from young people from two local schools.

The mural stretches 50 metres and was commissioned by the Severnside Rail Partnership to help combat graffiti tagging in the area. The mural’s design is based on the four seasons, with stunning images of flora and fauna seen around Bristol as well as snippets from local life.

Heather Cullimore of the Severnside Community Rail Partnership said:

“We work closely with train operator GWR to find solutions to issues at local stations.  This area of Montpelier station was prone to graffiti tagging. Experience has taught us that where quality street art is commissioned it will brighten up the station and will be respected and left alone by vandals, so the station feels a much safer and more welcoming place.  We always aim to involve local schools in such projects but this is the largest mural we have commissioned to date. We are delighted with the result.”

The mural also involved local children in the area. These young people involved were given a Street Art Master Class where they learned about seeking correct permissions before using spray paints. They even got to have a go themselves with the help of volunteers from the University of the West of England and Silent Hobo.

Rachel Rodd of The Dolphin School said:

“The children at The Dolphin School were so lucky to be given the opportunity to contribute to the community they are a part of. They absolutely loved the experience and were incredibly engaged and enthusiastic throughout the process. Going back when it was all finished was such a treat, the kids ‘didn’t realise how good it was actually going to be!’

A section of the mural is also dedicated to the Crimestoppers Fearless Youth Service, a resource aiming to empower young people to report crimes and make their community a safer place. The Fearless Campaign was established to challenge and stimulate debate whilst educating young people about the ways that they can pass on information 100% anonymously.