News from Children’s Scrapstore

News from Children's Scrapstore

The Children’s Scrapstore is a Bristol based charity working to improve play opportunities for children and young people. Read on for all their latest news, in their own words!

Children’s Scrapstore are happy to be a recipient of the Co-op Local Community Fund! As a Co-op member, every time you shop, you’ll be making a valuable contribution to your community. We will use these funds to develop our Play Room to ensure that local groups, including schools, can better access this space, that we can extend our offer to local marginalised groups, and ensure that disabled and non-disabled people have equal access to the space. It will mean that groups can access the space uniquely and be self-contained, which is important when working with vulnerable groups and children. 

The Play Room began with Scrapstore’s well-trodden Under 5’s Make a Mess sessions, which embody the Scrapstore ethos of free play and exploration. Keen to expand our offer, we have added Mini Makers, a more structured weekly session for pre-schoolers, and a vibrant programme of artist-led holiday workshops during school breaks. Many of our sessions utilise scrap from the warehouse, which gently encourages young people towards sustainable living.     

In 2017 we started running monthly creative workshops for adults, in the knowledge that art and making opportunities are enriching for all ages. We work hard to collate a programme of inspiring workshops, which introduces new processes to beginners and experienced crafters alike. Scrapstore also hosts Room to Make, a month open studio, open to all, on a donation basis. 

In 2018 we have many more plans! These include making sessions for older adults, as research tells us that opportunities to explore, create and socialise have a hugely positive impact on wellbeing. We strive to reach those who have not found us yet, by working to remove boundaries and making our events appealing and accessible to all, thereby better representing the community around us. We will embrace opportunities for celebration and cultural exchange, with play and making at the heart. With more funding, we will increase the number of FREE workshops that we can off the over 8’s, and join the momentum of nationwide cultural initiatives like the Arts Award. 

For more information, please call 0117 908 5644 or visit