Police Helicopter Wakes Residents

Police Helicopter Wakes Residents

The noise of a police helicopter and sirens woke up many Ashley Ward residents in the early hours of Friday morning on July 27th 2017.

Jules Shakor, of City Road, wrote to Vocalise saying: “I was in the middle of the most beautiful dream when I heard this tremendous racket. It turned out to be some cop helicopter circling around the area, with sirens going back and forth. It sounded like a war zone and for a minute I thought we were back to the riots!”

We contacted the police for comment and a spokesman has stated:

A car failed to stop for officers this morning at about 3.30am at Two Mile Hill in Bristol. The vehicle was identified as not having any insurance.

The car was followed by officers with support from NPAS (National Police Air Service) through Stokes Croft to Ashley Road where it was stopped shortly after 4am.

The vehicle was in collision with a garden wall of a property. There was slight damage to a police car.

The driver got out of the vehicle and was arrested. He remains in police custody.”