St Paul’s Carnival has been cancelled this year

St Paul's Carnival

Organisers of the St Paul’s Carnival have confirmed that it will not be taking place again this year, for the third year running.

For the third year running, the event has been pulled from going ahead, due to problems of lack of funds and poor organisation. Bristol City Council and the Arts Council made the decision to cease providing funds, citing a lack of confidence in the company which organises it, St Paul’s Afrikan Caribbean Carnival Ltd (SPACC).

The event, which has previously attracted 100,000 visitors, has been an integral part of the community and has become world famous. Residents of St Paul’s have expressed disappointment in the decision, but other events have been put on to channel some of the positive energy felt at the festival in earlier years. Previous organisers of the carnival will be hosting a scaled-down event at the Malcolm X Centre on July 1, while Lakota will be putting on an event on the same day called Jungle Carnival.

The festival has been running since 1968, but has garnered controversy in the past, with problems of crime.

Mayor Marvin Rees, however, tweeted that the event would be going ahead next year to celebrate its 50th anniversary.