St Werburghs Centre needs your ideas for children’s activities!

St Werburghs Centre needs your ideas for children's activities!


St Werburghs Community Centre has been expanding their activities for children. Jon Newey has been telling us all about how you can get involved and contribute your ideas to expand these activities…

Each year we do 1000s of questionnaires with our centre users about what they’d like to see more of. Last year we transformed our ‘gloomy’ old car park into a sensory and interactive outdoor space, for relaxing learning and playing. This year your focus was for us to provide more children’s activities.  

Alongside all the regular activity that takes place at our centre, the wedding receptions, baby blessings, children’s birthday parties and workshops, our centre is cultivating new ideas in preschool and afterschool activities.

Fancy a morning stay and play where you can discuss ideas around feminism and parenting and finish off with a Riot Grrrl dance off? Maybe Smash the Patriarchy Playgroup could be your thing. Need a space to let your boys creative minds run wild, whilst exploring storytelling through dance or learning side by side with your kids how to ‘Boots n Cats n Boots n Cats’ at the beatboxing class. I think we’ve got that covered too.  After all this excitement and chaos of the week, Friday mornings are the perfect time to relax with the little ones with Carolyn’s Yoga with Play and Stories. 

These activities are proving to be very popular and we’d really like to see and hear more ideas for what family activities you’d like see here at St Werburghs Community Centre? Do you run a class and are thinking about doing something locally? Have you heard of a great kid’s afterschool class like the Digilocal Coding Club and like to see that here in St Werburghs? 

Over the next few months we’ll be putting more and more efforts to find out, try out and put on some of the most interesting or needed family and children’s activities. If you have any ideas or need a little support to get your children’s class off the ground, get in contact with Jon Newey at