The Ashley Network – let’s make things happen!

The Ashley Network - let's make things happen!

The Ashley Network is about coming together and making things happen. It is a valuable bi-monthly event for residents, emerging from the legacy of Imagine St Pauls. The aim is of the Network is primarily to facilitate spontaneous connections and conversations between groups and individuals. There is no specific agenda.

Each week, it is hosted by a different group or organisation, who may also provide the venue or alternatively work with others to find a suitable location.

The Network is open to all those living and working in the Ashley Ward.


It is an opportunity:

  • for informal conversation with others about your project, group or organisation.
  • to connect, support, encourage and inspire.
  • to share ideas, experience, achievements and struggles.
  • to host an event and provide a venue.


The events held so far on 15th February and 5th May have both been hosted by Friends of St Agnes Park, with the venue provided by the St Pauls Learning Centre. These events have been successful in bringing a range of residents, community groups and other organisations together in conversation, with commitments forthcoming to share and undertake the hosting role and venue provision.

The next meeting will be held on the 20th July from 1pm – 3pm at St Pauls Adventure Playground. It will be hosted by the Ape Project & DHI. 

Article written by Joanne Mansfield and Caroline Ennion