Upcoming Ashley Network Meetings

Upcoming Ashley Network Meetings

The Ashley Network meeting is a bi-monthly meeting where local people in the Ashley area can come together and make things happen in the community.

This reoccurring event is part of the Imagine St Pauls Legacy, a successful Sustrans Avon & Somerset Police
Partnership funded project. It aims to bring together local people in St Pauls and Montpelier to discuss and put into action, ways of improving daily lives.

As the name Ashley Network suggests, the idea is to create a network of like-minded people in the area, who help and support each other’s work, providing advice and support. It works as an informal conversation, and is open to anyone living or working in the Ashley Ward.

The next meeting will be held this Thursday 12th April at St Agnes Church 19:30-21:00, hosted by Reverend Liz Perry.

The following 2018 meetings will be held on: 14th June, 9th August, 11th October and the 13th December. If you want to host or provide a venue for one of these dates, please contact the host of the previous meeting to arrange.