Update for Imagine St Pauls – installation progress

Update for Imagine St Pauls - installation progress

As you might have noticed the Imagine St Pauls work is taking longer than planned to install. The contractors have completed Sussex Place. The vast majority of the improvement have be undertaken in Rosa Parks Lane, unfortunately the recent weather though has not been favourable for laying the thermoplastic designs. These will now likely be completed early in the New Year. The contractors are still working on the speed table on Grosvenor Road and likewise the Lizard thermoplastic design is likely to be installed in the New Year. Everything we planned to install however will be taking place.

On a related note, this week Lily Bernheimer launched her new book‘The Shaping of Us  – How everyday Spaces Structure Our Lives, Behaviour and Well-being’. The book looks at what makes every day spaces work, how they shape us, and what they say about us. Written partly in Bristol, the book covers a number of case studies including the Imagine St Pauls project. The project features in Chapter 8 – The Shape of Things to come – where Lily uses Rosa Parks Lane as an example of how the community have come together to tackle anti-social behaviour which has helping to build stronger communities and transform how people interact in a space. A fascinating read if you can get your hands on a copy.

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Emma Cocksedge

Sustrans Delivery Coordinator (West of England, Devon and Somerset)