Update from Imagine St Pauls project by Sustrans

Update from Imagine St Pauls project by Sustrans

Here is an update on the Imagine St Pauls project by Sustrans South West, scheduled up-coming developments are:

· Sussex Place (13th – 17th November) – The large planters will be removed, bollards will be installed to stop parking on the kerb and pedestrian area, refuse facilities will be improve and additional cycle parking will be installed.

· Rosa Parks Lane (20th – 28th November) – Thermoplastic images will be installed along the lane, a large mirror will be put in place to improve visibility around the bend of the Lane. Dropped kerbs will also be installed and the metal barriers replaced with bollards to improve access.

· Grosvenor Road (29th November – 8th December) – Raised speed table and thermoplastic lizard will be installed, to reduce vehicle speeds.

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If you want to be involved in any of these initiatives, or to find out more, contact Sustrans Project Officer Georgie Burr. Tel: 07920 565672 / email: Georgie.burr@sustrans.org.uk