Volunteer at Bristol Disability Equality Forum

Volunteer at Bristol Disability Equality Forum

Bristol Disability Equality Forum is an independent group that is run by and for disabled people.  We are based at St Paul’s Learning Centre on Grosvenor Road, but our members live all over the city.

We are looking for disabled people to volunteer for a new project.  The Peer Support Project aims to support people who need to go to disability benefit assessments by providing a volunteer to go too.  Many people find these assessments very stressful and would prefer to have someone to go along with them, but don’t have anyone around to help.  There has been a lot of negative publicity; however, the assessments continued unchanged.

We are particularly keen to recruit volunteers who have claimed Employment Support Allowance and/or Personal Independence Payment themselves.  We offer all reasonable expenses, training and support while you are volunteering for us.  If you want to apply for a job in the support sector, working with any sort of vulnerable group like this would be very useful experience.

We currently have an online survey on our website which gives you a chance to comment on any experiences of going along to disability benefit assessments, and your experience of working (or trying to find work) as a Disabled person.  Please see our website www.bristoldef.org.uk.

Bristol Disability Equality Forum campaigns to stop or minimise local government cuts that are aimed at Disabled people and provides a platform for all Disabled and Deaf people in Bristol to make their voice heard.  As well as the Peer Support Project we also need volunteers to help with admin and outreach.  Membership of the Forum is free and open to all Disabled people in Bristol, whatever your circumstance.

If you are a Disabled person who would like to help, with a few hours a week or a month to spare, then please get in touch with Juley on 0117 914 0528 (and leave a message) or email volunteering.bristoldef@gmail.com