Photo from the play We Have Overcome

In My View by Lydia Latham MacQueen

THE MALCOLM X ELDERS have returned this year with a delightful revision of their original
2012 production of WE HAVE OVERCOME. As we know there’s been a lot of controversy
about the situation of some Afro-Caribbean people being deported, and having their citizenship
denied in spite of the fact they have been living in the UK for decades. The Malcolm X Elders
who are some of the original citizens who came to the UK from 1960s felt it was an
appropriate time to put the facts straight and tell retell their stories again!
And what stories they are! With humor, courage, dignity and might I add, some really ‘cool’
music, these lovely ladies share their experiences, challenges and successes in coming to
England and eventually making their mark on society. They had to endure the shock of the
weather, the cold and drafty homes, overt and subtle racism. But, they persevered and most
importantly, they supported each other in their effort to survive.
The play is very entertaining, alternating between funny and quite emotionally poignant scenes.
I as an African American had moments of sentiment because I, too, upon arriving to this country
for the first time, could empathize with some of the experiences they endured. The play is
currently sold out! but hopefully they will put on more performance in the near future. I
recommend everyone see this excellent play, from the young to the old. Let give our Elders a
‘Bravo!’ for the energy and effort it took to put on this wonderful play.